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  • NLP KERALA is an initiative of GRADUATES MENTOR to promote NLP among people.
  • We offer programs as part of our social commitment at a very affordable rate without sacrificing the quality.
  • Prof Aswin P Chandran is the course director and the main faculty.
  • He has trained over 3000 students/professionals over years.
  • He learned NLP from Mr. CA Ignatius.
  • He has motivated many people to excel in life.
  • He has received many awards and recognitions.

Learning Objectives

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.

Super learner

Improved skills to become a faster and effective learner.


Learning techniques in the world that would help them to improve the concentration level.


Participants will learn new tools and techniques that would help them to improve memory capacity.


Improve your Confidence atleast 10 times by the modern learning techniques.

Logic and Reasoning

Improve logical and reasoning skills will improve self esteem.


Get an opportunity to show their creativity in various workshops provided.

What People Say

How real people said about NLP Kerala.


Neeraja Krishnan

“The training was a fruitful and beautiful experience for me. Actually the NLP training helped me in many ways such as, to establish a bond with the powerful captain inside i.e., The Subconscious Mind, to resolve many hidden, unknown, but disturbing issues and to effectively communicate with a charm to get the expected positive outcomes. ”

Ashin Jacob

“The sessions on how to be happy and how to increase our level of happiness impressed me the most. I am sure it ll be beneficial both in my personal and professional life. ”

Athul Mohan

“The way you were presenting facts with the help of metaphors were amazing. And you could give individual attention to all the participants.”

Neena Roy

“ I really feel blessed to have an association with a wonderful trainer, his lovely better half and an academy which engineered with excellence. All the best wishes and prayers for your future endeavors and offering my support. ”

Anoop Kumar

“ I had a very good experience in the 5-day NLP training. NLP gave me insight about lots of highly effective techniques which can be used in all areas of life ”

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